"If you are looking for best turnkey program for success, then you want to know more about Palmetto United." -Agent Lynn Nelson

Palmetto United believes in helping agents and agencies grow in all aspects. Whether you are an individual who dreams about building a team of your own, or an agency principle with a group already in place, Palmetto United strives to build successful new insurance businesses, as well as strengthen and accelerate growth of existing insurance operations. We do this by providing a strong lead platform, extensive training, excellent products, competitive commissions, and first class agent support.

Palmetto United believes strongly in building both professional and personal relationships with our agents and agency partners. We will work with you to develop a strong client network and provide a quality portfolio of products that will in combination guarantee success.

Palmetto United Office MeetingWe are committed to helping each of our agents and agency partners become successful and grow their business each year. We have a support staff that works daily to offer assistance and help each agent and agency partner meet and exceed their goals. As an active agent himself, Palmetto United President John “Randy” Wolfe personally communicates with agents, and makes himself readily available to any and all who need his support and help. Experienced agents on staff readily offer assistance to new agents who join our group and will gladly share their personal experiences to help cultivate new business. As a result of ongoing training and career development, there is a strong loyalty between Palmetto United, our agents, and agency partners.

To inquire about working with Palmetto United, you may reach us at 866-751-1634, schedule a phone appointment, or send us a message.

Marketing Support

One of the greatest challenges for business representatives is “getting in front of people.” Palmetto United provides excellent marketing support to all of our agents. We use a variety of different marketing approaches. Direct mail has proven to be one of the best ways to reach our target markets. However, we also promote our products and services in other ways, such as print advertising, telemarketing, and internet. Palmetto United encourages agents to express which avenues bring the best results and will tailor its marketing plan to best suit the needs of the insurance group as a whole.

Palmetto United Agent Success

Training & Support

Palmetto United realizes that each agent requires different levels of training and support. An agent that has been in the Medicare Advantage business since 2006 is not going to need the same type of training as someone who is about to begin their first AEP ever selling Medicare Advantage. And quite often, we find that ongoing training benefits even the most seasoned agents. Our objective with training is to be as involved or un-involved as an agent wants us to be. Most all of the Medicare Advantage products require yearly training and certification. In conjunction with that, we offer numerous other opportunities throughout the year, covering final expense, Medicare, and general sales techniques. We offer many webinar training opportunities that are typically product/carrier specific. Since our agent base is spread out over various states, it is often difficult to host in-house training sessions, however, we may organize group training sessions if enough agents are able attend.

Palmetto United offers various forms of training to our agents and agencies
-> Face-­to­-face
-> Group Meetings
-> Ride­-a­longs with veteran agents
-> Webinars
-> Conference calls
-> Sales Conferences
…And Much More