Agent Services for Palmetto United

19 PALM 280 0003179519891With so many insurance groups out there, promising this and that, you may be asking, "Why should I choose to work with Palmetto United?" This site is devoted to explaining who we are and the benefits of partnering with our company.

Please see the Palmetto United benefits page to learn how we will provide the tools and personal assistance you need to grow and develop in the insurance industry. Palmetto United offers:

  • a strong clientele network and lead base.
  • tried and true sales and marketing strategies that will maximize sales in your region
  • training and sales tools that benefit both new and experienced insurance agents
  • quality products and services that are tailored to the needs of our clients
  • ongoing support from experienced staff and seasoned agents

Palmetto United prides itself on the integrity of our staff and agents. It is this group of highly trained, honest, hardworking individuals who has helped us provide excellent service to thousands of our clients year after year.

My name is Robert Summers and I would like to say a few things about Palmetto United Inc. I got licensed to sell Life, Accident and Health Insurance in June of last year. (2013). If it weren't for John Wolfe and the Palmetto Agency I am sure I would be just a statistic today. You know, the one that says 90% of the people that try to sell insurance and do not succeed in the first year give up. Thanks to Palmetto's support I have not only made it a year, but have huge plans for the future. Palmetto has a lead program that is second to none and the support, training and work ethics are impeccable.

Thanks Palmetto!

Sincerely, Robert Summers