Medicare Direct Mail Program

16 PALM 280 000785362871Our Medicare Direct Mail Program is a Co-Op. We share the expenses of your leads, and Co-Op on your direct mail cost. We don't sell leads to agents with the Co-Op system. With cost sharing, our success is dependent on yours. Mailings may be zoned by county, zip code or region depending on the situation and the needs of the agent.

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the largest and busiest time for Medicare Advantage production. Many Palmetto United agents are extremely successful during this period, often times writing anywhere from 80-120 applications during about a seven-week period. For our agents who produce outside of the AEP or have been with us for a while and have proven themselves as producers, we will provide free leads to supplement their AEP campaign in conjunction with their co-op campaign during the AEP. Typically during the AEP, we drop over 100,000 pieces of mail. Outside of the AEP we continue to write Medicare business enrolling T65's, duel eligible, and chronic special needs beneficiaries.

Mortgage Protection Program

Program Highlights:

-Qualified Leads Each Week
-Consistent Lead Flow
-Opportunity for Exclusive Territories
-Great Compensation
-Top Carriers


Final Expense

We offer top final expense contracts!  In addtition to this, we have several lead programs agents can plug into.  Direct mail is still a very good way to generate final expense sales, and we have co-op programs in place, as well as low cost direct mail lead cards available for purchase at deeply discounted prices for our producing partners.  Some of our Final Expense carriers are Transamerica, Foresters, American Amicable, Americo, Gerber, and Great Western.  

Traditional Products Program

We have a variety of ways in which we assist our agents and agency partners with traditional products. The main features of our traditional products program are high compensation, excellent carriers, back office support, and a variety of marketing options to help increase production. We also offer extensive training on the various products in our traditional portfolio. These features help our agents and agency partners to be very successful. High level contracts and support give us the ability to give agents and agency partners a very strong edge in the market, while ultimately increasing their bottom line.

Group Health, Worksite, & Ancillary 

We offer support and case management for agents and agency partners in the group benefits arena. We have many resources to assist during the entire process from quoting & enrollment, through group management and renewal.  With the back office support Palmetto United offers, you can focus more on fostering relationships, prospecting and selling, while worrying less about paperwork and administration.

Agent Quote Software

Term Life Quotes

Final Expense 

Whole Life / IUL / UL

Palmetto United provides a knowledgeable staff with experienced personnel to help agents evolve with the continuous advances of the insurance industry. The Palmetto United "team" approach is valuable to agents making an effort to persistently exceed expectations and maintain an edge in a competitive environment. Their collective accomplishments are contagious and cultivate a rewarding atmosphere.

Russ Brown